As NY’s reopening progresses, we’re pleased to announce that we have returned to our full hours of operation (including tailoring) in order to properly service our community’s needs as everyone begins to return to work.  Our full hours of operation are:


Mon-Fri:  7am - 6:30pm

Sat:  8am - 5:00pm


*Please note: While it will often be available, we cannot always guarantee same-day or next-day turnaround at this time



For those of you visiting us in-store, please know that:

·         Our front counters are sanitized regularly throughout the day and sized in a manner that creates a space of approximately 6 feet between customers and staff (please see floor markings)

·         Every night after-hours, our entire storefront and production facility is cleaned and sanitized

·         We have an automatic hand sanitizer station at the front doors for your use as you enter and leave

·         All staff are required to wear masks while working

·         Our building has a tremendous amount of airflow and air exchanges, with five 48” super high-output supply and exhaust fans throughout the facility.  This was originally installed to provide plentiful fresh and cool air and remove heat from the building during our production process, but also is very beneficial in our current environment.

·         We are also happy to provide service right to your car in our parking lot.  When you arrive, simply call us at (516) 621-6635, let us know which car you are, and we’ll come out to you.




We’re excited to announce that we’ve finished the development of our NEW Mobile App!


Get It Here:

                iPhone Users: Click Here

                Android Users: Click Here



Walk-In Customers:


Using our new app, with the touch of a button you can send us an alert that you’re On Your Way to pick up, and input your credit card information for payment (if it’s not yet saved on file with us).  We will automatically be alerted and we’ll bring your items to a rolling rack by the front door for you to grab-and-go when you get here, completely contactless!


To use this new feature, before you drive to the store:

1.       Open the app and touch the “On My Way” Button (will only be available if you have at least 1 ready order).

2.       If you do not yet have a credit card on file, please touch “Add/Update Credit Card” at the bottom and input your credit card info

3.       Select when you will be arriving and touch the “On My Way” button to send us the alert


We are also excited to announce our new Contactless Express VIP Service.

In addition to contactless pickups using the “On My Way” feature in the app, you can also drop off completely contactless with our Express VIP Service!  We give you a personal blue Tres Bon Dry Cleaners laundry bag (barcoded and tagged with your info) to simply drop-and-go at the front counters, completely contactless.  We’ll write up your items after you leave and email you a copy of your ticket.  (You can leave a note inside the bag if you have any special instructions).  Btw, all our customers are VIPs, and your personal laundry bag is FREE.  To get your FREE personal laundry bag (or two if you’d like!) and utilize our completely contactless (and time saving) Express VIP Service, simply ask a Customer Service Representative or email us at



The app also allows you to:

·         View your current cleaning orders and their status

·         View your past cleaning orders

·         Update your contact info

·         Input or update your payment method (credit card on file)

·         And a few other cool and useful things, check it out!


You may also set up FREE Pickup & Delivery Service on the app (we will call you to finalize the setup).



Pickup & Delivery Customers:


Here are a few useful things that delivery customers may do on the app:


·         On Demand Pickup & Delivery Customers:  Schedule a pickup of clothing from your home

·         Automatic Pickup & Delivery Customers:  Suspend service if you’re going away on a trip (hopefully a vacation)!


The app also allows you to:

·         View your current cleaning orders and their status

·         View your past cleaning orders

·         Update your contact info

·         Input or update your payment method (credit card on file)

·         And a few other cool and useful things, check it out!



We hope you find this app to be a useful tool that helps make your life easier, and you dry cleaning experience with us more enjoyable!  We’re always looking for ways to improve for you, we value your business and your trust!



We have also enabled text message alerts when your items are ready for pickup.  If we have your cell phone number on file, you will receive a text message the moment your items with us are ready for pickup (in addition to the email alert that you already receive).  If we don’t have your cell number on file and you’d like to enable this feature, please simply email us your cell number and we’ll add it!



We still encourage you to utilize our FREE No-Contact Pickup & Delivery service.  To sign up, simply reply to this email with:

·         Your first and last name

·         Your phone number on record with us and Your Cell Phone Number

·         Your full address

·         Your email addresses (we can add more than one email to your account)


If you sign up for our FREE No-Contact Pickup & Delivery service by replying to this email with the above info, we will reach out to you by phone to obtain your credit card number for billing, let you know which days we are available to pick up and deliver at your address, and answer any questions you may have.  This is how the service works:


·         We will send an automated text message to your cell phone at 7pm the night before your available pickup & delivery days.  The message will be: “Hi this is Tres Bon Dry Cleaners.  We have a driver in your area tomorrow.  To request a pickup, please reply "Y".”  If you would like us to come pick up, simply reply “Y” by midnight, and you will automatically be added to the driver’s list.  We will only come to your home to pick up if you reply to the text message.  If you do not need a pickup, simply do not reply and the driver will not come.


·         Please put your dirty clothing in the laundry bag we provide and leave it outside your front door by 8am on the morning of the pickup day you requested via text message.  A driver will come by and pick it up.  We will deliver the clean clothes back on your next available delivery day, and hang them on your front door (we provide you with a garment hook that goes over the top of your front door).


o   Depending on your address, your available delivery days will either be: Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays


·         Like always, you will receive an email copy of your ticket listing each item we are cleaning (including the color, brand name, and price of cleaning).



Please don’t hesitate to request a pickup, even if you only have one or two items that need to be cleaned.  Please remember that while there has not yet been guidance from the CDC regarding COVID-19 specifically, the CDC advises that the dry cleaning process is effective on most viruses).  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are thankful for your support and are happy to be here to serve you.



With Appreciation,



Très Bon Dry Cleaners

1085 Willis Avenue

Albertson, NY 11507

(516) 621-6635


PS:  When you’re ready, we can also take care of your regular laundry with our Wash & Fold Laundry Service.  Simply email us for more info!