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Pre-Ceremony Finishing Touches
Your wedding day is nearing, and the gown of your dreams is finally ready to be picked up from the bridal shop. But when you pick it up, the gown has a few wrinkles and – oh no – a small stain that you swear wasn’t there when you were being fitted. Don’t panic, bring your dress to us and we can remove any spots and hand press your gown prior to the big day, so your dress looks absolutely perfect when you walk down the aisle.

Wedding Gown Restoration and Preservation
Your wedding day was everything you dreamed it would be, and more. A beautiful ceremony, followed by the biggest celebration of your life. And boy, did you celebrate! After indulging in great food and drinks, and smiling for what seemed like a million pictures, you danced the night away with your closest friends and most extended family - all the while wearing the gown that took your breath away when you first laid eyes on it. Your special day couldn’t have gone any better, and you’ll never forget the many happy memories that were made. But all that celebrating took quite a toll on your wedding gown. Don’t get upset, it’s just evidence that you had a great time. We realize that your wedding gown holds tremendous sentimental value, so you’ll be relieved to know that we can restore your gown to its original, pristine condition.

It is essential that you bring your gown only to a qualified dry cleaner for restoration. Very few dry cleaners are properly trained, experienced, and equipped to successfully restore a wedding gown to its original condition without damaging it. Wedding gowns are larger, more intricate, more delicate, and generally much dirtier than typical garments that dry cleaners encounter, and must be treated in a separate, specialized process. Dry cleaners that attempt to clean a wedding gown without the proper training and tools will not only fail to remove all stains, but are also likely to damage the gown due to improper handling. Wedding gown restoration truly should only be entrusted to the most qualified professionals.

Wedding gowns are one of our specialties, and we take great pride in our restoration abilities. Gowns typically have significant food and beverage staining, as well as makeup marks and perspiration rings. However, the most soiled area of the gown is almost always the hemline. It’s not uncommon for the entire hemline to actually be blackened with dirt from the aisle, the dance floor, and everywhere in between. Plus, there are often grass stains if the wedding takes place outdoors, or from photo shoots. Beach weddings are not uncommon either, and those gowns really take a beating.

When you bring us your gown for restoration and preservation, one of our wedding gown consultants will examine the gown thoroughly with you and explain the process we will undertake for your specific gown. Depending on the type of décor and trimming, we may even decide to remove some types of beading, sequins, and gemstones prior to the restoration process, and re-sew them later. During the consultation, the different packaging options we offer are also explained, and we give advice on gown preservation techniques you should follow once you bring your gown home, including "exercising" the gown.

In order to restore a gown to its original condition, we first spend hours removing each individual stain by hand, taking special care to choose the proper stain removal agents for each type of stain. Next, we gently clean the entire gown in a crystal clear solution that contains optical brighteners, which restores the gown’s original luster. After cleaning, the gown is intensively inspected and any remaining blemishes are removed. Only then is it hand finished by a team of skilled pressers. The result is a gown that looks as good as the day you bought it - absolutely flawless. You’ll truly be amazed.

Once the gown is restored, we invite you to come view it before it is packaged.
At this time, you may also bring any additional items you would like included in the final packaging. We utilize only the highest quality preservation chests, which are constructed from acid-neutral materials. This is essential, because over time, the chests themselves will not off-gas and contribute to the “yellowing” of your gown. However, it is important to realize that both natural (silk) as well as synthetic (polyester) fibers used in your gown do break down over time, and off-gas. That is why it is essential that you follow our instructions on proper periodic maintenance once you bring your gown home. With proper maintenance, your wedding gown will look great for years to come. Wouldn’t it be great to give your granddaughter the option of wearing your wedding gown on her special day?

Antique Gown Restoration
Whether you’d like to restore your mother’s wedding gown as an anniversary gift, or restore your grandmother’s wedding gown to wear for your own wedding, we have successfully restored many gowns that have yellowed over time due to age or improper preservation and maintenance. This process is different than our standard wedding gown restoration, and is not suitable for all fabric types. Our wedding gown consultants will be able to determine whether your vintage dress is a candidate for antique gown restoration.