About Très Bon
Our professionally-trained expert tailors have decades of experience in alterations, repairs, and garment construction. From the smallest repairs to the most elaborate alterations, we take the proper care to ensure work is performed to the highest standards. When we're finished, your garment looks like it was custom made just for you - you'd never know it was altered from a standard size. If you have questions about how long a sleeve should lay, or where a hem should break, our tailors can help you choose the correct fit, whether it be a casual look, or formal. And before you get your garment back, it is professionally pressed to perfection, at no additional cost. Come in for a fitting and see how much better your clothes look when they fit properly!

Alterations include:
  • Dresses and gowns: tapering, length, shoulders, darts, cups, neckline
  • Sport Jackets and shirts: length, sleeves, shoulders, tapering, darts
  • Pants, skirts, and shorts: hems (length), waist, tapering, rise/crotch
Repairs include:
  • Buttons, snaps, and hooks
  • Zipper repair and replacement
  • New elastic inserted in waistbands
  • Ripped seam repair
  • Pocket repair and replacement
  • Small hole closure and large hole patches
  • Lining repair and replacement

Why shouldn’t I just have my garments altered where I buy them? While some clothiers do an adequate job with basic alterations, many clothing boutiques and department stores (even the pricier ones) miss the finer details of a quality alteration. Sloppy seams, improper lengths - we’ve even seen hems that are taped and glued… unbelievable! But we go beyond just “adequate”. We utilize a combination of top-stitching, blind-stitching, serging, and hand sewing to ensure that your garments look just like they should. We pay special attention to the details – like ensuring that hems have the correct backing length and weight so that pant legs break properly and dresses achieve the desired drape. If you turn your garments inside out, you’ll even notice that our seams are finished to match the original stitching, rather than being just cut and sewn. Details like these make all the difference, and we’re proud of our quality work.

I bought a pair of jeans that are just my style... with one tiny problem: they don't fit! Although they may not be the fanciest garments we own, I think everyone has one or two great pairs of jeans that we just love wearing. Whether it's the style of wash that catches our eye, or the fact that it hugs our body just right, a special pair of jeans may just be the treasure of our wardrobe. Many of our customers find a pair that fit just right everywhere, except they're too long. We're able to shorten the jeans to the exact length you'd prefer (and we can help you decide). Better yet, we can save the original hem, and re-attach it to retain the crocked, washed-out look at the bottom of your jeans that designers work so hard to achieve. Of course, we can also adjust the waist, or taper the legs if needed as well.

My (sport jacket / pants / shirt / dress...) fit me perfectly 3 years ago... but not so well anymore... Not to worry, don't run out and buy something new until you bring it to us. More than likely, we can alter the garment to fit you again. If it's become too big for you (congratulations!) we can taper it to fit you like a glove. But even if it's the other way around and has become too tight, on many garments we can let out the waist, and depending on how it was constructed and originally altered, there may be room to adjust other areas as well. We've saved countless garments from the donation bin, why not see if we can rescue yours as well.