About Très Bon
You might be surprised to find that most dry cleaners don’t actually launder your shirts themselves. They don’t have the specialized machinery necessary to launder shirts, and therefore outsource their shirts to wholesalers for processing. The dry cleaner has no control over the quality of work performed, and the wholesaler processes shirts as quickly as possible in order to minimize cost per unit. As you can imagine, the result is poorly pressed shirts, and poor stain removal. We hold the belief that your laundered shirts should look their best, just like your dry cleaned garments. So in order to ensure the highest level of quality, we launder your shirts ourselves, on premises.

After pre-treating stains, we place your shirts inside a net bag and wash them in a machine specifically programmed to deep-clean shirts in temperature controlled water with the finest oxygenated detergents and starches (optional) injected at just the right time. After cleaning, the shirts are re-examined to confirm stain removal, and then pressed while still damp on very specialized equipment to ensure the finest finish. Every shirt is pressed on three separate pressing machines, each of which is specifically designed to press the collar, cuffs, sleeves, and body of the shirt. If at any stage a pressing defect is noticed, the shirt is rejected and re-pressed. Our machines utilize formed bucks and pressing plates that are contoured to a shirt’s dimensions, rather than the flat plates found on many shirt presses. The result is a finished shirt that’s leaps and bounds ahead of our competition.

We offer four levels of starch (none, light, medium, and heavy) to suit your taste. Processing our shirts in-house also allows us to offer more options for how your shirts are processed. Lightly starched shirts (and shirts without starch) provide the softest feel. Heavier starching gives shirts more body, and adds stiffness and structure. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate it. In addition, we offer three levels of laundered shirt service:

Standard: Shirts are washed and undergo our three-stage pressing process. If any pressing defects are detected, the shirt is rejected and re-pressed. Collar supports are then inserted to prevent the collar from drooping during storage. We spend three times longer finishing a Standard shirt than a typical wholesaler, and it shows.

Premium: Shirts undergo the Standard process, but then a skilled finisher pleats the sleeves and thoroughly touches up any remaining imperfections by hand. Sleeves and collars are then stuffed with tissue paper, giving them body and preventing them from wrinkling during transportation and storage.

Ultimate: Shirts are washed, but unlike Standard and Premium shirts, they skip our three-stage pressing process, and are instead dried and pressed completely by hand before being stuffed with tissue. Not all shirts require Ultimate service, but it provides the finest finish for intricate shirts, and shirts that are highly tailored.

Of course, you can choose to have your shirts dry cleaned for the ultimate in softness. All dry cleaned shirts are completely hand pressed and stuffed with tissue like our Ultimate shirts. If you’re unsure which method is best for your shirt, one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will gladly help clarify your options. For example, for some dark colored shirts, we recommend dry cleaning to prevent color fading and minimize shine. While many other shirts will look great after just our Standard laundering process.

Are dry cleaners sexist? Why can’t my blouse be laundered with my husband’s dress shirts? While admittedly frustrating, it’s true. No, not that dry cleaners are sexist! Most ladies’ blouses, even if they are washable, cannot be laundered the same way men’s dress shirts are. The reason is the way they’re tailored. The machines used to press a man’s laundered shirt are specifically designed to fit a straight-cut man’s shirt. The bucks are formed and the press plates are contoured in a manner that’s incompatible with most fitted lady’s blouses. The blouses simply don’t fit properly on the machines, and must be pressed by hand. Therefore, fitted blouses must either be dry cleaned or undergo our Ultimate shirt process (in both of these options, the blouse is pressed entirely by hand). The same is also true with children’s shirts actually. They are too small to fit on the pressing machines, and must be treated the same as a lady’s fitted blouse.

Going on a trip? While we strongly recommend that shirts be stored on a hanger to minimize wrinkling, hanging shirts are difficult to pack for a business trip. That’s why we offer the option of receiving your shirts back professionally folded, individually packaged, and boxed. We apply cardboard inserts to provide structure and prevent shirts from collapsing on themselves during transportation, and utilize a folding machine specifically designed to fold men’s dress shirts with a minimum of wrinkling. So if a shirt must be folded, we know how to do so while minimizing wrinkles.