About Très Bon
If your home has just suffered a fire, boiler puff back, or flood, we know just how much stress and heartache you're about to experience. You'll likely be going through, at minimum, months of cleanup and rebuilding, loss of items with sentimental value, and battles with the insurance company - all the while living out of a suitcase in a hotel room. You'll also need to consider if your wardrobe can be salvaged or needs replacing. We've helped countless families restore their wardrobes to like-new condition, and are always sensitive to our customers' needs during such a difficult time. With us by your side, your wardrobe will be one less thing you'll have to worry about.

Did you know that homeowners' insurance often covers the cost of restoration dry cleaning? During a disaster restoration, we employ additional processes on top of standard dry cleaning, such as color brightening and ozone chamber deodorization, to ensure that your garments are not only clean, but also smell fresh. When we come to your home, we inventory exactly where each garment is taken from, and after restoration, replace them exactly where they belong. Of course, we can also clean and restore draperies, bedding, and furniture coverings. With our advanced computer system, we are able to issue detailed reports to your insurance company, describing and itemizing our restoration activities - making your life that much easier. We've helped countless families throughout the years, and have the experience and expertise to successfully restore your wardrobe and your sanity during the most difficult times.