About Très Bon
Leather, suede, and fur garments require very specialized cleaning processes to ensure that no damage occurs. They cannot withstand standard cleaning methods due to the fact that they are made from authentic tanned and conditioned animal hides, as well as the manner in which they are dyed.

A leather and suede specialist must take note of a leather or suede’s color before cleaning. Dyes used in coloring leather and suede garments are inherently fugitive, meaning that the dyes easily bleed and dissolve when cleaned. After cleaning the garment in a specialized, mild solvent, the specialist must then re-dye the garment in a spray booth, trying to match the original color as best as possible. Although most customers are very happy with the results and never notice, due to this process, the color and texture of your leather and suede may differ slightly after cleaning. It is also important to note that severe stains that are absorbed by the skins of leather and suede are often permanent, although many surface stains can be removed successfully.

Furs are never immersed in water or solvent. Furs are cleaned by being tumbled in a double-pocket machine which is filled with "sawdust" made from crushed walnut shells, which are dampened by a specialized solvent. Afterwards, the fur is again tumbled to remove the sawdust, and then compressed air is used to remove any remaining bits. The fur is then glazed by being passed through a machine that brushes the hairs to restore their luster. Due to this very gentle method of cleaning, it is important to note that the ability to remove stains from furs is very limited. Cleaning and glazing should be done regularly to maintain the quality of your fur, and remove dirt and oils from wear. However, due to the very gentle nature of cleaning required for furs, many moderate to severe stains may not be able to be removed.

Heat and humidity are detrimental to leathers, suedes, and furs, and can contribute to premature skin damage, including stiffening and cracking. So we strongly recommend that you have your leathers, suedes, and especially furs professionally cold-stored in our off-site, insured vault, at controlled humidity and temperature. This not only significantly extends the life of your garment, but the temperature also prevents moths from attacking. We’ve seen too many expensive fur coats ruined with moth damage or skin cracking when their owners fail to have them properly stored. Proper maintenance and storage is a must, and worth every penny in order to protect the value of perhaps your most expensive garments.