About Très Bon
Comforters, Blankets, Bed Skirts, and Pillow Shams
Many customers don’t realize that we also offer cleaning services for household items. Don’t spend the whole afternoon at the laundromat - we launder bedding that is washable, professionally remove any stains, and of course, hand press everything before we return it to you, either on a hanger, or folded in a breathable comforter bag. Higher-end bedding is often "dry clean only", and cannot be washed. Needless to say, we’re also more than capable of caring for even the most intricate "dry clean only" bedding.

Sheets, Pillowcases, and Duvet Covers
Let us take one of your least favorite chores off your plate. Bring us your sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers. We’ll clean, press, fold, and package them for you. There’s nothing more comfortable and luxurious than sleeping in freshly pressed, smooth bed linens!

Table Linens
You spent all week grocery shopping, all day cooking, and had your entire family over for a great holiday meal. The food was delicious but the drinks were flowing… all over your previously spotless tablecloth! After the clan goes home and the dishes are done, put your table linens aside and bring them to us. Not only will we make your life easier, but we can treat the stains and restore your linens to spotless condition. Plus we will professionally press your napkins and tablecloths, ensuring another beautiful presentation the next time you decide to invite half the neighborhood over.

Couch Covers, Chair Covers, Cushion Covers,
and Pillow Covers

If you can unzip your couch’s cushions, we can clean them! Dry cleaning your furniture’s coverings not only removes years of dirt and dust - it can breathe new life into your favorite chair. It can also finally remove those stains you’ve been trying to hide with extra throw pillows. Textiles used for furniture coverings are stretched and dyed differently than fabrics used in clothing. It is important to realize the differences, and we’ll let you know exactly what to expect before we clean your furniture coverings.

Window dressings undergo much more wear and tear than you’d realize, and if you take a close look at what’s hanging from your windows, you might be surprised by the shape your drapes are in. Window treatments collect a significant amount of dust throughout the years - more than you might imagine - and vacuuming can only remove so much dirt. Periodically dry cleaning your draperies will keep them looking fresh and new, and remove particles that can accelerate aging. However, in addition to dust, drapes are subjected to significant amounts of moisture and sunlight, both of which are extremely detrimental to the fabric. Although drapes are sometimes subjected to moisture due to window leaks, it is actually more common to see water lines towards the bottom of drapes due to humidity that is wicked from the air. If you look on the backside of your drapes, this would be evidenced by a yellow line towards the bottom of the lining. But perhaps even worse than moisture is the direct sunlight that draperies are subjected to. Sunlight will actually begin to dry-rot the material over time, to the extent that the fabric begins to split and disintegrate. In fact, if you have the same exact drapes hanging on both the sunny side and the shady side of your home, the sunny side drapes will have a much shorter lifespan and suffer significantly more dry-rot. If the drapes have incurred sufficient damage from either moisture or sunlight, they may not be able to be safely cleaned. For these reasons, we thoroughly examine all draperies with you prior to cleaning. We’ve dry cleaned countless window treatments, and our experience enables us to take the proper precautions in order to return your fine draperies in pristine condition.