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Your Tie, Sir – The Master Stitches

Ties are a lot more complex than they seem. Did you know that a tie’s material is cut on a bias? Or that ties have many layers of fabric, and that often higher-end ties have even more layers? (You may have heard of five-fold, seven-fold, even eleven-fold ties). Well, the point is that ties are highly structured garments. But what’s more is the fact that all these structural layers are held together by just two “master stitches”. If either of these stitches break, the entire tie will unravel. This is why, unlike your average dry cleaner, we take the time to re-enforce the two master stitches before cleaning your tie, and remove the re-enforcements before the tie is hand finished by pressers who are specially trained on how to properly roll a tie’s edges, and maintain the tie’s structure and integrity (which is a special skill, since the tie is cut on a bias). In short, your tie may be a small garment, but we put a lot of extra care into making sure it comes out just right. After all, any one of the ties we clean just might be a customer’s lucky tie!