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Stain Stickers – To Stick or Not To Stick?

Très Bon, like many dry cleaners, will occasionally utilize stain stickers to call extra attention to certain areas of garments. But are these stickers actually necessary for all stains? Generally speaking, no. During our cleaning process (developed over four generations in the industry), the garment is inspected for stains at least seven times (three times before cleaning, and at least four times after being cleaned). So, regardless of whether a stain sticker is placed near a stain or not, the garment is checked in its entirety several times. In fact, placing a sticker on some materials (especially silks, satins, and leathers) may actually cause damage (glue residue or fabric distortions). However, in some situations, such as for garments that will only be spot-cleaned, stain stickers are sometimes useful to point out areas of the garment where the customer desires spot-cleaning. As a rule of thumb though, if the customer service representative doesn’t suggest applying a stain sticker, it’s best to hold off. Don’t worry, we’ll see the wine stain (at least three times before it’s cleaned). A better option is to mention the stain while handing your garment to the customer service representative, who will enter a comment about the stain into our computer system. The pre-inspection, dry cleaning, spotting, and assembly technicians will all receive a warning message about the stain when the garment is scanned at their stations – a technological ability that none of our competitors can match.