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Quality Takes Time

As one of the only dry cleaners in our area that processes all garments ourselves, on-site (including dress shirts), we are able to offer same-day service on most garments without sacrificing quality. Simple garments that come in for a routine cleaning generally require just one cleaning treatment, and can be ready same-day. But just as a chef can’t rush a braise, our technicians require extra time to address heavily soiled, stained, or intricate garments. A heavily soiled or badly stained garment is often treated and cleaned many times, via multiple different processes, and in order to have the time to effectively implement these treatments, we may request an additional day or two to process the garment. Likewise, a highly ornamental (beaded, sequined, etc) garment may need to be cleaned by hand, which is a more gentle process both chemically, and in terms of mechanical action. However, due to the gentle nature of this process, multiple treatments are often necessary to fully remove soils and stains, so we often will also request an additional day or two for any garments that need to be hand cleaned.