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Thu, May 7, 2015
Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend is going to shape up to be a busy weekend for many families. We'd like to wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! Our family, like I'm sure many of yours, will be getting together for a backyard barbecue since the weather is supposed to be great. And for many families, kids who were away at college will be also returning home - with a special gift for Mom: DIRTY LAUNDRY! (A great gift if you're a dry cleaning geek like me, but perhaps not the best Mother's Day present). We know many of you will be bringing the surge of dirty clothes to us for a thorough de-college-dorm-ification. So we thought it would be fun to give a 50% discount to any college-lettered apparel you bring us for cleaning. To unlock the secret savings, mention codeword WHOA MOMMA during your drop-off. And yes, we're going to make you say it (it's funny)!

As always, I'd like to thank you for choosing Très Bon Dry Cleaners. Have a great Mother's Day Weekend!