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Tue, Mar 17, 2015
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your friends at Tres Bon Dry Cleaners! It might not be the same as finding a pot of gold, but today and tomorrow only (Tuesday and Wednesday), have your green garments dry cleaned for 50% off. Mention Codeword: "Patty Cakes" at the time of drop-off to unlock the secret savings!

Have you ever head of the phrase "drowning the shamrock"? It comes from a tradition in which a shamrock worn on the lapel for St. Patrick's Day was tossed in the last drink of the evening. Furthermore, the shamrock is not the symbol of Ireland. That honor goes to the harp.

Did you know that there are no female Leprechauns? If Irish folk tales are to be believed, the mystical beings are all male.

We hope you have a very happy St. Patrick's Day! Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but 33.3 Million People in the US actually are. According to the most recent census data, 33.3 million U.S. residents claim Irish ancestry, which is seven times Ireland's total population.

And to our customers who are dentists: get ready! Along with all the drinking that occurs on St. Patrick's Day comes bar fights, where patrons knock each other's teeth out. Sounds like a stereotype, but it's true. Emergency dental visits increase by 64% the day after St. Patrick's Day!

Thank you, as always, for choosing Très Bon Dry Cleaners. Have a happy and dentally-safe St. Patrick's Day!