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Thu, Aug 13, 2015
North Shore's #1 Dry Cleaner!
We're honored and proud to have been voted The North Shore's #1 Dry Cleaner by the readers of: Williston Times - Roslyn Times - Manhasset Times - Great Neck News - New Hyde Park Herald Courier. We'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers for giving us the opportunity to serve each and every one of you over the many years!... (click link below to read more)
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Tue, May 26, 2015
Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Memorial Day! I hope you had a great long weekend. Maybe you were able to catch the air show at Jones Beach like I did. Three day weekends really are great little mini vacations. But let's not forget the meaning of the holiday as well. I'd like to take a moment to thank and remember all who have died serving our country. Thank you for your sacrifice in order to keep us all safe. I'd also like to remind you that we always dry clean American Flags for free... (click below link to read more)
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Thu, May 7, 2015
Happy Mother's Day!
This weekend is going to shape up to be a busy weekend for many families. We'd like to wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! Our family, like I'm sure many of yours, will be getting together for a backyard barbecue since the weather is supposed to be great. And for many families, kids who were away at college will be also returning home - with a special gift for Mom: DIRTY LAUNDRY!... (click below link to read more)
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Tue, Apr 21, 2015
Folded Shirt Service
This past weekend I traveled down to Atlanta Georgia to attend a dry cleaning convention, as I do from time to time, and as I was packing my suitcase, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about our boxed shirt service. While I recommend receiving your shirts back on a hanger to minimize wrinkling, in some circumstances (such packing a suitcase and traveling), a folded shirt is much more convenient. So when traveling, ask to have your laundered shirts folded and boxed. We apply cardboard inserts to provide structure and prevent shirts from collapsing during transportation, and... (click link below to read more)
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Tue, Apr 14, 2015
How to Store your Winter Clothes
As you prepare to store your sweaters for the summer, keep in mind that in order to reduce the likelihood of moth damage, garments should be dry cleaned before storage. Additionally, after cleaning, the best way to store these garments is in a sealed plastic container. Also, did you know that we offer a Seasonal Storage Service? We store your garments for the summer in our climate controlled storage room after cleaning them. Imagine having all that extra closet space! (Click below to read more)
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Sat, Apr 4, 2015
Happy Holidays!
You spent all week grocery shopping, all day cooking, and had your entire family over for a great holiday meal. The food was delicious but the drinks were flowing… all over your previously spotless tablecloth! After the clan goes home and the dishes are done, put your table linens aside and give them to us... (Click link below to read more)
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Wed, Apr 1, 2015
Some Dog Breeds Now Dry Clean Only
Last Friday, the FTC released new a new report regarding best practices for washing your pets, and when I began reading it, I was shocked that they deemed certain dog breeds to be dry clean only! (click below to read more)
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Mon, Mar 23, 2015
March Madness!
I thought it would be fun to talk a little College Basketball now that March Madness is in full force. As a dry cleaner, one of the things I always get a kick out of when watching college basketball is when the commentators critique what coaches are wearing. So who's the best dressed coach in college basketball? Check out this video to find out. You can tell these coaches have discovered the secret of quality tailoring. Come into Très Bon today for to have your suit custom tailored, and maybe you'll end up on a best-dressed list too! Click below for some fun March Madness Trivia!
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Tue, Mar 17, 2015
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy St. Patrick's Day from your friends at Tres Bon Dry Cleaners! It might not be the same as finding a pot of gold, but today and tomorrow only (Tuesday and Wednesday), have your green garments dry cleaned for 50% off. Mention Codeword: "Patty Cakes" at the time of drop-off to unlock the secret savings! Have you ever head of the phrase "drowning the shamrock"? It comes from a tradition in which a shamrock worn on the lapel for St. Patrick's Day was tossed in the last drink of the evening. Furthermore,... (click the link below to read more)
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Sat, Feb 28, 2015
Here's a Clothing Fun Fact:
Have you ever wondered why buttons and zipper pulls are on the right side of a garment for men, and on the left side for women? The reason is that during the Victorian era, women wore so many layers that it was common for them to be dressed by a servant or maid. Therefore, their clothing was designed to be easier for someone ELSE to button up, specifically right-handed maids. Men, on the other hand, tended to dress themselves.
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Mon, Feb 16, 2015
Happy Presidents' Day!
We hope you're enjoying your Presidents' Day Holiday, and possibly even enjoying a nice week-long vacation. In case you're wondering, we are OPEN for business today. Last night, I was watching an interesting Presidents' Day-themed program on the History Channel and was surprised to learn that the President and his family have to personally pay for many services while they're living at the White House, including personal meals, and even dry cleaning! So I thought it would be fun to give... (click link below to read more)
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Sat, Dec 20, 2014
Happy Holidays!
So that our fine staff can enjoy the holidays with their families, we will be closing at 3:30pm on Christmas Eve (Wed. December 24th) and will be closed on Christmas Day (Thurs. December 25th). We'd like to again, sincerely thank you for being part of the Tres Bon Family and warmly wish you a Happy Holiday! If you and your friends and family take holiday parties seriously, you probably know that it's time to whip out your best holiday garb. That's right, you know what we're talking about - it's Ugly Sweater Season!... (click below to read more)
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Fri, Oct 31, 2014
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween from your friends at Tres Bon Dry Cleaners! Today only (Friday October 31st 2014), have all your ORANGE garments cleaned at half price when you mention this Facebook post! Or stop on by for some Trick or Treating!
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Sun, Oct 12, 2014
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Wondering about the Pink Hangers we've been using this month? Well, as you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, Tres Bon Dry Cleaners is once again participating in M&B Hangers' Pink Hanger Program. A donation to the American Cancer Society is made for each Pink Hanger order we place. So each time you receive a garment back on a Pink Hanger, you're helping support the Fight Against Cancer. Thank You!
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Mon, Apr 14, 2014
Expanded Tailoring Hours
With the weather changing for the better, many of us will be adding new pieces to our wardrobes over the next few weeks. You’ll be happy to know we’ve expanded our tailoring department hours to accommodate your alteration needs, with more convenience than ever!
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Thu, Sep 6, 2012
Welcome to Our New Website!
We’re excited to now offer a way for our customers to access their dry cleaning accounts online, as well as learn more about the dry cleaning process their garments are treated to at Très Bon Dry Cleaners. We’ve designed the site to be a wealth of dry cleaning knowledge, so that our customers can become true dry cleaning connoisseurs.
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