About Très Bon
Très Bon Dry Cleaners has been family owned and operated for four generations, beginning in the early 1920s. After fleeing to the United States during the Greek Genocide, my great-grandfather opened a small dry cleaner in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on 4th Avenue & 95th Street. He operated the store, pressing garments and serving customers, with the help of his wife, who was the store’s seamstress (all the actual dry cleaning was performed by a wholesaler off-site). His son, my grandfather, expanded the family trade after serving in the Air Force during World War II. He went on to open three more full-production locations (all work performed on-premises) on Long Island (Garden City, Franklin Square, and finally his flagship location in Albertson in 1961). All three locations served their local communities for many years, with a happy and loyal customer base. Upon reaching retirement age, my grandfather sold off his Garden City and Franklin Square locations, but my mother and father purchased his flagship Albertson location (where they had already been working). Under their ownership, the already popular location remained on the forefront of dry cleaning technology, being one of the very first dry cleaners to implement dry-to-dry technology, computerized ticketing, and credit card acceptance. Quality, however, always remained the store’s top priority (as it does today), and the location retained a reputation for exceptional dry cleaning for decades. My involvement in the family business began in high school, when I would work a few days a week after school, as well as summers, learning the trade. Then came college, after which I spent a few years working for Morgan Stanley in Manhattan (coincidentally, I unknowingly rented an apartment only 3 blocks away from where my great-grandfather’s dry cleaner once was!). When my parents told me they were going to sell the business and retire, I knew immediately that I wanted to buy it and keep the family trade moving forward. I couldn’t be happier with my decision - I love the business and enjoy each day at work. As we continue moving forward, Très Bon remains steadfastly focused on quality, customer service, and technology. Our staff and I regularly attend off-site seminars, trade shows, and visit other dry cleaning locations to remain on the absolute cutting-edge of dry cleaning technologies and techniques. We also regularly invite consultants to our plant for additional on-site workshops. Perhaps most importantly though, we are uniquely able to leverage four generations of industry knowledge in order to produce the finest dry cleaning experience for our customers - now and into the future. Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about the dry cleaning process, and what separates us from your average neighborhood dry cleaner.